Sigma LT hand-held Sigma LT digital toggle switches Sigma LT networking

22nd February 2016 by Froment

All new cost effective load bank control

ASCO Power Technologies has released a new cost effective entry level Sigma control system for its Avtron and Froment Products. Sigma LT offers best in-class features with local digital toggle switch and optional hand held terminal for remote operation and is available on 2000 and 3000 series resistive load banks. Networking capabilities are also available for up to 25 units and controllable with one hand held terminal.

Digital toggle switch control allows the simplicity of traditional toggles but brings seamless load application with their operation. This permits load selection in any order within a short time window. After no further switch selection the load change is implemented with a clean transition. Instrumentation also still remains part of the local control platform. Three seven segment LED displays show 3-phase voltage, current and frequency as well as error messages.

The robust aluminium cased hand-held terminal for remote operation features a 4.3" colour touch screen with enhanced control features and operation. Increased flexibility extends to enabling networked load banks to be individually controlled from one hand-held which is an invaluable feature in HVAC testing. Load bank events and test data can be easily transferred to a USB flash drive and imported into a PC for further detailed analysis.

For more information visit the Sigma LT web page or alternatively contact us.